Our members

The Mediterranean New Chance Network brings together civil society organisations from both sides of the Mediterranean, working on their scale to promote the professional integration and training of vulnerable young people. Based on their unique experiences, each of these structures has developed its own expertises, pedagogical models and specific support methodologies, which have proven themselves locally. 

Our premise is that through cooperation, sharing of experiences and capacity building, each one of these initiatives can scale up, be replicated in other geographies and have its impact multiplied. 

AE2O - Portugal

Created in 2008, AE2O (Associação para a Educação de Segunda Oportunidade) manages the Second Chance School in Matoshinos, which assists vulnerable young people with low educational and vocational qualifications at risk of social exclusion. It has also developed an innovative coaching methodology based on the arts (painting, dance, music, theatre) to help young people regain self-confidence: a teaching model that was recognised by the Portuguese government in August 2019.


Al Jisr - Morocco

Located in Casablanca, the Al-Jisr (The Bridge) association promotes the link between school and business via two major programs: the Greenship program, which consists of accompanying young people towards training and integration in computer and digital maintenance professions, and the 2nd Chance centre, which aims to support young people who have dropped out of school in different types of careers.


ANC Tunisie - Tunisia

The Association Nouvelle Chance Tunisie (ANCT) was founded by university teachers with the aim of improving the employability of unemployed young graduates and facilitating their professional integration. The "New Chance" program, implemented in six academic institutions comprises three lines of action: training, internships in companies, and personalised support.

Apprentis d’Auteuil – France

A French Catholic foundation created in 1866 and recognised as being of public interest, Apprentis d'Auteuil supports nearly 30,000 young people and 6,000 families in vulnerable situations in France. It intervenes through 240 establishments throughout the country: kindergartens, schools, children and family centres, vocational high schools and integration programs.


CNOS-FAP - Italia

Through its 56 schools and training centres, the National Centre of Salesian Works/Vocational updating training (CNOS-FAP) offers various vocational training courses ranging from basic training for 14-18 year olds to higher and specialist training in the industrial sector. 28,000 young people were trained by the association in 2020.


E2O España - Spain

Founded in 2016, Asociación Española de Escuelas de Segunda Oportunidad aims to provide concrete and effective solutions to unemployed young people through the development of an innovative and recognised model of Second Chance Schools (E2O) in Spain. During the 2018-2019 school year, the E2Os accompanied more than 8,000 young people. 


Miftah Ennajah Sales School - Algeria

The Miftah Ennajah Sales School was created by the Cevital Group, Danone Djurdjura, Danone Ecosystem and the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to train young people who have dropped out of the school system and help them acquire the basic skills needed to work in the sales sector, in particular in the founding partner’s companies. Four centres have been set in different parts of Algeria.


Municipality of Matosinhos - Portugal

Since 2017, the Municipality of Matosinhos has set itself the target of helping to align Portugal with the main European commitments in the field of education. To that end, it organises several advocacy actions, in particular the promotion of moments of meeting and reflection and the construction of concrete measures that aim to reduce school drop-out rates and unemployment among young people at a local and national level.


L’Heure Joyeuse – Morocco

Founded in 1959 in Morocco, L'Heure Joyeuse combats social and professional exclusion. To do so, it offers support adapted to young people experiencing difficulties with integration via the COIP project (professional guidance and integration unit) and high-quality training within its own CFA schools and at partner schools.


E2C France Network - France

Created in 2004, the French Network of 2nd Chance Schools offers personalised and adapted support to young school dropouts in order to encourage them back into to school, training or employment. In 2019, the E2C France Network brought together 133 school sites throughout France that together trained more than 15,600 students.


Semeurs d’avenir - Lebanon

Founded in 2010, Semeurs d'Avenir supports young people in vulnerable situations in order to improve their employability by helping them define their professional project, as well as by offering them access to short training courses, certified long training courses and self-employment. This association’s activity represents an annual budget of €1 million in the field of vocational training, education and entrepreneurship.


TAMSS - Tunisia

The Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability was created in 2006 in Tunis with a view to contributing to the regional development of Tunisia through the economic, political and social integration of women and young people. Its activity is focused on education, childcare support and vocational training. Since 2011, TAMSS is also very committed to the institutional restructuring of the country and the strengthening of its skills.


VIS - Italy

Founded in 1986, Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo is an Italian organisation that works in the Mediterranean (Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Lebanon) in the field of training and the vocational integration of disadvantaged, excluded, endangered young people, victims of violence and war. The NGO works with the Salesian congregation for the creation of schools, the training of teachers, and the fitting out of technical workshops for vocational training.


VTEC - Egypt

Based in Alexandria, the Vocational training and employment centre (VTEC) association works to bring job seekers and the labour market closer together by offering training and the improvement of skills, as well as job matching activities.


RAE2C – Morocco

Launched in December 2020, the Moroccan Network of Second Schools Associations brings together about 89 centres, themselves supporting 8757 former early school leavers, ages between 13 and 18. They offer activities of strengthening fondamental knowledges, certifying technical training and psychosocial support.