Capitalising and promoting successful experiences and good practices

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Capitalisation, promotion and sharing of experiences are at the heart of the MedNC network’s mission. In order to allow a wide range of actors to benefit from the expertise of its member structures and key partners, the network offers a several type of publication formats: best practice guides, podcasts and literature reviews. These are intended both for those involved in integration and vocational training in search of practical solutions and resources that can be applied to their context, to potential technical and financial partners in the search for successful and innovative initiatives to support and promote.

Le réseau Méditerranée Nouvelle Chance porteur de la voix des jeunes

11 January 2023

Dans le cadre de la stratégie de plaidoyer du réseau MedNC, une consultation de grande ampleur a été menée en 2022, avec pour...


Comment intégrer la question du genre en Méditerranée ?

Les dispositifs d'insertion, des acteurs au premier plan de l'intégration des questions de genre

20 December 2022

Lors de sa conférence annuelle 2022, le réseau Méditerranée Nouvelle Chance a annoncé la réalisation d’un guide de bonnes pratiques...


Une société civile engagée pour l’insertion socio-professionnelle, le patrimoine et l’environnement !

20 January 2022

Découvrez dans cette série vidéo les lauréats de l’appel à projet « Soutenir la Jeunesse en Méditerranée ». Cet appel à...


Using digital technologies to better support young people experiencing integration difficulties in the Mediterranean

A guide inspired by the good practices implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

30 April 2021

Published in the spring of 2021, this practical document presents good practices, tools and concrete recommendations to help youth...

Yacine et Sara, stagiaires à l'E2C de Marseille

Discover our webseries New Chance

A series of reports about the social inclusion of young people in Mediterranean countries

04 February 2021

Their names are Abdelghafour, Amina, Hugo, Joana, Khouloud, Raslene, Sara and Yacine. They’re Moroccan, Portuguese, French and Tunisian....

Podcast MedNC

The Mediterranean New Chance network's podcasts

Put your headphones and explore the 9 episodes dedicated to youth social-intergration !

26 November 2019

The MedNC network is launching a podcast platform to share best practices and recommendations from network members. Addressed to the...

Revue de littérature paru en 2019

The Mediterranean youth integration: a priority, an emergency, an opportunity

The MedNC network literature review

24 May 2019

To better understand the issues related to the youth socio-professional integration in Mediterranean countries, read the specific and...

Guide de bonnes pratiques 2018

Promoting the socioprofessional insertion of young NEETs in the Mediterranean

The 2018 guide of good practices of the MedNC network

16 November 2018

This document brings together the recommendations of actors in the integration and vocational training of the Euro-Mediterranean region.