Our action

To gather, promote and strengthen actors against school dropout in the Mediterranean area

Mécanique à El Llindar
A young man receives a vocational training in auto mechanics, at the El Llindar center in Catalonia, a member of E2O España

Local solutions support

The MedNC network has a vocation to support actors that take actions at the most local level and work daily with young school dropouts in the Mediterranean area. By being personalised and adapted to the needs of each structure, this support is adapted to help the training of trainers, provide grant attribution from specific call for proposal and also the provision of international experts as part of expertise and accompaniment missions.

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National solutions support

Based on its capacity to gather and to mobilise international and conclusive expertise dedicated to the young people vocational integration management and its conception, the MedNC network supports state actors in the creation and the deployment of public mechanisms of accompaniment and focus on employment and training.

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Capitalisation, promotion and sharing of experiences are at the heart of the MedNC network’s mission. In order to allow a wide range of actors to benefit from the expertise of its member structures and key partners, the network offers a several type of publication formats: best practice guides, podcasts and literature reviews.

These are intended both for those involved in integration and vocational training in search of practical solutions and resources that can be applied to their context, to potential technical and financial partners in the search for successful and innovative initiatives to support and promote.

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The MedNC network organises several events throughout the year in order to create synergies between actors in the field of integration and vocational training. Designed in different formats and modalities, these events aim to promote the sharing of experience and good practices among participants, as well as the co-construction of new transnational coorperation projects for young Mediterranean NEETs.

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