Using digital technologies to better support young people experiencing integration difficulties in the Mediterranean

A guide inspired by the good practices implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

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Published in the spring of 2021, this practical document presents good practices, tools and concrete recommendations to help youth training and integration professionals integrate digital technologies into their accompanying methodology.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, digital technologies are more than ever a major issue in terms of support, training and integration of young people in vulnerability. And there is every reason to believe that this trend will continue to be more and more so, even after the end of the health crisis.

However, the needs of the structures and professionals who work with these audiences remain very important, whether in terms of equipment, skills and expertise. A reality that applies as much on the southern shore of the Mediterranean as it does on the North of the region.

The "Using digital technologies to better support young people experiencing integration difficulties in the Mediterranean" brings together the good practices implemented and the digital tools used by members of the MedNC network and other IECD delegations around the world.

It is built around 4 main themes: equipping yourself and your beneficiaries with connected equipment, acquiring digital skills, staying in touch despite the distance and Integrating digital technologies in your training modules.

Download the MedNC network digital good practices guide

A dedicated tab of tools

This publication comes with a document presented as an Excel file, that gathers and presents more than fifty digital tools that could be useful to any type of structure leading support projects with a young audience, but more specifically to those involved in training and vocational integration.

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Our thanks go to the Drosos Foundation ( whose support and trust enabled this publication to be carried out.

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