The Mediterranean New Chance Network is expanding!

The MedNC network now includes 18 members in 10 countries!

Conference_2022 : Les membres du réseau à l'Ecole de la 2ème Chance de Rafiq
traduction-SVP : Les membres du réseau à l'Ecole de la 2ème Chance de Rafiq ©MedNC

le 05 October 2023

An exceptional steering committee meeting was held online on Monday 2 October, marking a new era for the Réseau Méditerranée Nouvelle Chance by welcoming four new members and announcing its opening in Jordan. This historic expansion underlines the growing appeal and unfailing dynamism of the Mediterranean New Chance Network.

Historic expansion

The Mediterranean New Chance network is renewing itself with the addition of four new members. They are all integration association with a proven sucess in promoting the inclusion of young people in the Mediterranean, and have spent a year observing the network. They include the Portuguese national network of 2nd chance schools, SELA, a Jordanian association for training in heritage restoration, the Rafiq 2nd chance school in Tunisia and the Tunisian association APES with its Ftartchi social economy project. These new memberships strengthen the network's expertise in supporting young people in difficulty and open up new prospects for the socio-economic development of the Mediterranean region.



Renewed inspiration and a new dynamic

The new members bring a wealth of experience and know-how. The network now has 18 members (the Portuguese national network replacing the 2nd Chance School in Matosinhos, Portugal) and nearly 360 training centres in 10 countries!

The association SELA for training and protection of heritage, which specialises in integration through heritage restoration, has been building on its knowledge of the historic site of Petra for almost 10 years. The young association Ftartchi is working to safeguard the culinary heritage and empower young women, helping them to set up their own businesses. Initially supported by UNICEF, Rafiq's Ecole de la 2ème Chance is now autonomous and wants to share with its peers in the Mediterranean to improve its support for young people who have dropped out of school.


New members speak out!

«It was almost natural for us to join the MedNC network. The network has been supporting the school for two years now, encouraging the teaching team to develop their skills and know-how. »

Najiba Mhamdi
Director of the Rafiq 2nd Chance School, Tunisia

« Working with a younger target group brings a freshness and motivation that enhances our impact. We want to continue in this direction and develop projects with young Mediterranean people through the Mediterranean New Chance network..»

Aida Ben Ammar
Director of APES, Ftarchi project coordinator


« Joining MedNC is an opportunity for SELA to learn from other members. We found that we had similar approaches with the 2nd Chance schools in our training courses. A fruitful cooperation is already underway with the member Semeur d'avenir in the heritage restoration course and we hope to welcome young people from Lebanon soon! »

Elena Ronza
CEO of SELA, for training and protection of heritage

« We are convinced that the Portuguese national network can share its methodologies with MedNC. The promotion and development of public policies in favour of 2nd Chance schools can be a source of inspiration for our members. »

Luis Mesquita
President of the 2nd Chance Schools Network in Portugal




A promising future for the MedNC network

The future of MesNC network is brighter than ever. This expansion marks the start of a new era of collaboration and innovation, responding to the urgent situation of young people dropping out of school in the Mediterranean. The network is ready to rise to the challenges and continue to play a leading role in the socio-professional inclusion of young people in the region.

With its well-established credibility, growing appeal and dynamism, the Mediterranean New Chance network is resolutely committed to creating a better future for all young people in the Mediterranean.


 Thank our partners, who ensure the sustainability of the MedNC network and enable more and more young people to benefit from better support:


La fondation Drosos, la Direction de la coopération internationale de Monacol'Agence Française de DéveloopementErasmus + et l'Union pour la Méditerranée